“They wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer!”

Protests are expected to turn violent this week after the Ladies All Ireland final hosted an all-female panel of experts. The move has angered aspiring male pundits who have been striving to be token representatives on the women Sunday game panel. Equality groups up and down the country have expressed…

By Conor Galvin

Grigori Rasputin: Witchcraft still alive and hell in game of hurling ….

Is there anything more beautifully antagonistic than the Cork hurling supporter! The very sight of the bastards…. ‘Peoples Republic of Cork’ jerseys. As if somehow they have a unique genetic preservation in this country. Michael Collins, Sam Maguire, Roy Keane, Sonia O’Sullivan, Peaky f**kin Blinders (Cillian Murphy)…

by Conor Galvin

Serenity …. Seven points up and cruising. The 804 foot Hindenburg casts a giant shadow over the landscape below. The largest airship ever built. Almost the same size as the Titanic. Full to the gills with hydrogen. Yes hydrogen! The Yanks wouldn’t sell helium to the poor…

Conor Galvin

Unleashed ….

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